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Dominik Schröder

Optimal lower bound on the least singular value of the shifted Ginibre ensemble

Giorgio Cipolloni, László Erdős, Dominik Schröder

Probab. Math. Phys.Vol. 1 (2020)


Using the superbosonization technique we derive optimal lower bounds on the least singular value of shifted Ginibre random matrices.


We consider the least singular value of a large random matrix with real or complex i.i.d. Gaussian entries shifted by a constant zCz\in\mathbb{C}. We prove an optimal lower tail estimate on this singular value in the critical regime where zz is around the spectral edge thus improving the classical bound of [Sankar, Spielman, Teng, 2006] in the edge regime. Lacking Brézin-Hikami formulas in the real case, we rely on the superbosonization formula [Littelmann, Sommers, Zirnbauer, 2008].