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Dominik Schröder


Minimalistic photo calendar in LaTeX (Github)


\begin{page}[photo=seabear,anchor=south east,cal=false]
\subcaption{Sea Bear}
\begin{page}[anchor=south west,photo=iguana]


Example title Example Jan example.pdf


  • width and height specify the size of the calendar (default: 598mm x 424mm for A2)
  • sidebarWidth specifies the width of the sidebar (default: 40mm)
  • captionLength specifies the height length of the caption (default: 100mm)
  • year specifies the year of the calendar
  • startMonth specifies the month the calendar starts with (default: 1)
  • dayWeekdaySep specifies the separation between the day and the weekday (default: 1em)
  • daySep specifies the separation between consecutive days (default: 9mm)

Calendar Page

  • photo specifies the image to be placed on the page (default: example image). The photo is scaled to fill the page and cropped if necessary.
  • anchor specifies the anchor point of the image (default: center), can be one of north east, south east, south west, north west, center: For example, anchor=south east aligns the bottom right corner of the image with the bottom right corner of the page and crops (if necessary) the top and left side of the image. Thanks to mbert for help with comparing aspect ratios.
  • cal specifies whether a calendar should be printed on the page (default: true)
  • \caption{} specifies the caption of the page
  • \subcaption{} specifies the sub-caption of the page (shown in place of the calendar, should only be used if cal=false)
\begin{page}[photo=photo,anchor=south east,cal=false]


  • colors can be customized by redefining the following colors:
    • sidebarColor (default: #000000)
    • textColor (default: #FFFFFF)
    • highlightTextColor (default: #AAAAAA)
  • the font can be customized by redefining the following commands:
    • \captionFont (default: \sffamily)
    • \calFont (default: \sffamily)
\renewfontfamily\calFont{Helvetica Neue}
\renewfontfamily\captionFont[UprightFont=* Thin]{Helvetica Neue}
  • the displayed months and weekdays can be customized with
\def\monthName#1{\ifcase#1\or JAN\or FEB\or MAR\or APR\or MAY\or JUN\or JUL\or AUG\or SEP\or OCT\or NOV\or DEC\fi}
\def\dayName#1{\ifcase #1 Mo\or Tu\or We\or Th\or Fr\or Sa\or Su\fi}